FAQ about the test

We won't sort you into a house or match you to a harmonious date. But we will give you feedback based on modern psychological theory. Learn more...


The research behind SAPA

Each customized report is generated on the basis of participant's responses, but each participant gets a slightly different subset of all 5,600 items. Learn more...

Individual Differences

Individual Differences

Why do individuals differ in the ways they think, feel, and act? How do people differ in response to the same situations? Learn why individual differences matter...

Another personality test?

Well, yes, but we like to think ours is a little more sophisticated than most.

The SAPA Project is a collaborative data collection tool for assessing psychological constructs across multiple dimensions of personality. These dimensions currently include temperament, cognitive abilities, and interests because research suggests that these three dimensions cover a large percentage of the variability among people without too much redundacy. Other broad dimensions like motivation and character may be included later depending on how much incremental benefit they provide in terms of predicting outcomes.

After taking the survey linked to this page, you will get feedback about your personality on each of these dimensions relative to other people of your age and gender. The feedback will be customized to your responses using the scores of approximately 275,000 people who have participated so far. From start to finish, the full test takes most people about 20 minutes (you can quit in the middle if you want but the feedback won't be as accurate).

The test is entirely free (absolutely no strings attached) and completely anonymous (no cookies, no tracking, nothing). And, you will have our gratitude -- this research is not possible without the help of people like you!

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