Lorien Grey Elleman

I’m a graduate student in the Personality, Development and Health area in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University. One of my greatest strengths as a researcher and educator is the diversity of experiences that inform my worldview. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. As a first-generation college student, I attended St. John’s College, where I studied a classical “Great Books” program. Then I had a six-year career as a mortgage credit risk analyst in Washington, DC. Financial analysis answered a limited number of questions about human existence, so I moved to Chicago to study personality psychology at Northwestern University.

I have written two first-author papers related to the systematic relationships between personality and geography and demography. My current interests involve strengthening the relationships between personality and life outcomes by using behavioral measures of personality. I value theory but place a strong emphasis on empiricism and robust exploratory methods such as machine learning. I prefer breadth over depth, and I aspire to synthesize findings from disparate fields of study.

As an educator, I strive to instill in students the qualities of an exemplary scientist: a talent for taking multiple perspectives; a keen, critical eye; a humble commitment to the furthering of scientific knowledge; and the desire and ability to collaborate.

I'm also a collaborator on the SAPA Project, an international online personality assessment. You can take the test using the link below. You'll receive feedback regarding 27 factors of personality, but by default you'll only be shown the four on which you are the most unique. We also provide information regarding your Big Five personality and cognitive ability. If you prefer the Myers-Briggs, you may want to read about its shortcomings.