David M. Condon

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Social Sciences in the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University studying individual differences in psychology and health. One of the most important goals of my research is the identification of individual differences which are predictive of valuable real-world outcomes across the lifespan such as physical health, well-being, patient engagement, educational attainment, professional fulfillment, and achievement. In the pursuit of this goal, I have contributed to the development of several public-domain assessment tools for measuring individual differences in personality, cognitive abilities, and interests; examples include the International Cognitive Ability Resource and the SAPA Personality Inventory. In addition to my training in personality psychology and psychometrics, I've also spent considerable time studying and working with start-up companies. If you came here intentionally, you're probably looking for conference materials (slides, posters and handouts) or maybe publications. I don't add content to the other section ("more") very frequently but you might find some useful items there as well. In fact, the quotes page gets more traffic than anything else! If you're looking for something in particular or have some feedback, please feel free to email me.

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