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SAPA Travels to Charlotte

Recently, SAPA data were used in 5 posters presented at the third biennial conference for the Association for Research in Personality!

Posters are available upon request:

  • French, J. A., Condon, D. M., Revelle, W., & Rosengren, K. S. (2013). Predicting scientific attitudes using traits, ability, and interests. [PDF]

  • Condon, D. M., French, J. A., Brown, A., & Revelle, W. (2013). Development and validation of the International Cognitive Ability Resource. [PDF]

  • Condon, D. M. & Revelle, W. (2013). Synthetic Aperature Personality Assessment: Within and across the dimensions of personality. [PDF]

  • Brown, A. D. & Condon, D. M. (2013). What do we know when we know an IQ score? Ability by personality interactions predict intelligence test performance and item response styles.

  • Wilt, J. & Revelle, W. (2013). A new form and function for personality.